Skills and Qualifications Needed to Become a Tour Guide in USA

Professional tour guides in the USA are experts leading interpretive tours within different cities throughout the United States of America and even abroad. These professionals offer tourists with entertainment and information on specific destinations in the United States. They might also offer tours of museums, historic areas and landmarks. They generally possess extensive knowledge and backgrounds of the subjects that they talk about. Tour guides in the USA usually provide multiple tours during the day to several groups of travelers. There are even tour guides that conduct long tours generally taking a few weeks. Such tour guides offer their services to travel companies and tour agencies.

Skills Needed for Becoming a Tour Guide in the USA

There are a number of important skills needed for becoming a tour guide in the USA. Tour guides secure their positions by specializing in the knowledge of different cultures, languages and areas throughout the United States and even abroad. People looking to become tour guides in the USA should have the capability of making their knowledge about different places accessible to diverse audiences. It is essential for tour guides to present objective information. They must also be factual and have the ability to distinguish between historical truth and legend. One of the most important skills that tour guides need to possess is being respectful to people and the environment around them. Obtaining formal training for becoming a tour guide is also necessary depending on the area that an individual wants to serve. Training for a tour guide in America covers different topics like transportation, public speaking, and safety. This type of training also offers tour guides the opportunity of working with popular tour operating companies and agencies.

Educational Qualifications for Becoming a Tour Guide in the USA

Professionals looking to serve as tour guides in the USA should have post-secondary education. This is of immense value when it comes to setting a resume ahead of the others. Post-secondary education also provides candidates with the competencies, skills and knowledge needed for pursuing a career as a tour guide. This career also requires individuals undertaking classes in leadership, linguistics, public speaking, team building, tourism and hospitality. A tour guide in the USA should also possess complete knowledge about CPR training and first aid. He or she should also have complete information about the establishment or area being toured.

Is a License Necessary to Serve as a Tour Guide in the USA?

Professional license is necessary for serving as a tour guide in the USA. This will probably depend on the city or the area that you want to serve. Licensing is important to serve as a tour guide in New York, Washington DC, Charleston, Savannah, Vicksburg Battlefield, Gettysburg Battlefield and New Orleans. Passing the professional licensing exam for New York City Sightseeing Guides is also important in order to serve as a tour guide in New York City.


Tour guides in USA have the option of working locally showing the city attractions or in the form of travel agents. They might also serve as international guides who travel to several foreign destinations.Read More

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