The Best Marketing Plans for Tour and Activity Operators

In spite of the increasing competition in the activities and tours marketplace, there is no need for you to dump your hard earned money into advertising and marketing efforts. One important thing that you need to do is to use several platform creatively for engaging audiences and generating more booking every season. You must always offer top priority to customer experience for generating great marketing but there are other important methods that you can also use for presenting your tour agency in the best possible manner online. The most effective and useful marketing strategies that you can use for encouraging customers towards booking tours are as follows:

Encourage Customers towards Posting Positive Reviews about Your Agency

It has been proved through research that the buying decisions of around 90% customers are influenced by the reviews available online. Therefore, it is always very important for you to encourage your customers into posting detailed and positive reviews about the experience that they had using your tour operating site. You can do this by including links to your Google+ and Facebook accounts where customers can easily post reviews, comments and share pictures as well. This way, when any of your potential customers search the internet for tour operating companies, your site will show up on the top results. Thus, it can be said that positive reviews from your already existing customers can work as o0ne of the most effective tools for marketing your touring agency.

Try Engaging Customers with the Use of Video-Embedded Emails

Emails serve as one of the best tools that can be used for connecting with customers directly. They come as golden opportunities for making great impressions. However, if you offer the incentive of booking a tour immediately with each email or simply have your potential customer getting in contact with your agency at a specific time during the day, it will actually help you in marketing your services and in getting more business. The use of powerful visuals in your email can help in increasing user engagement. Apart from this, you can also consider video embedded emails meaning emails with videos on activities and tours. Things as simple as a welcome message from you might help in creating a lasting impression.

Get Personal

Travelers in the recent times look for personalized experiences from tour and activity operators. Try making use of CRM or Customer Relationship Manager for keeping a track of all the communications that you have with your customers. This will help you in determining the right process of walking them through the booking procedure.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is considered one of the most effective tools or strategies that tour and activity operators can use for marketing their services throughout the market. As a tour operator you can start with YouTube, Facebook or Pinterest. However, it is important for you to be interesting. Try posting the best pictures, answering questions, creating conversations and having fun.

Link Building

Link building is another efficient marketing strategy that will help you increase your traffic. Links from popular and established websites tend to be very beneficial but then it is necessary for you to remain aware of bad links.
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